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How To Dress For A Wedding To Become An Exquisite Guest

how to dress for a wedding

Deciding what to wear to a wedding is not always easy. There’s a good chance that when you submit your RSVP, you’ll begin to consider what to wear on the big day. Although suggested wedding dresses are often included in invitations, how to dress for a wedding can be a challenge. And as any seasoned guest can attest, you don’t want to leave deciding on your outfit until the night before your wedding, when you feel like you have nothing to wear.

You’re not the only one wondering, “What do I wear to the wedding as a guest?” In fact, this is one of the most frequently asked questions by visitors. And fortunately for you, we’re here to help. Regardless of dress code or the season, you’ll discover expert-recommended advice on what to wear to a wedding (and what not to wear) in Ladiestowms‘s thorough guide to how to dress for a wedding.

How To Dress For A Wedding With Best Tips

We have advice for you if you’re unsure of what to wear to your wedding. There are a few how to dress for a wedding guide that will help you choose an outfit that is both appropriate and fashionable when it comes to the wedding ceremony. Before you go shopping, review these practical tips so you’ll know exactly the right outfit for a wedding.

1. Follow The Dress Code

Dress Code

The most important aspect to consider when deciding what to wear to a wedding is the dress code. Depending on the type of event and time of year, most couples will establish a dress code for their wedding. For example, what you wear to a casual wedding in the middle of summer will be very different from what you wear to a black tie wedding in the winter.

The important thing about how to dress for a wedding is to know the wedding dress code before choosing an outfit. Use our comprehensive wedding dress code table to help you understand the distinction between terms such as white tie, optional black tie, formal, semi-formal, cocktail dress, page Casual dress, and everything in between. You should be able to decide what to wear to the wedding after learning the different dress code requirements.

2. Shop By Seasonality

Wedding season and location are great clues to how to dress for a wedding. For example, if the wedding takes place on the beach, it is a sign that you should not dress too formally. For example, summer weddings often favor shorter designs and brighter colors, while fall weddings choose richer materials like velvet and silk in darker jade tones.

If you’re not sure what to wear to your wedding, read on. Start by finding ideas when shopping. You should look through existing designs to choose a dress that is appropriate for the current season. Physical shopping at a regular store can help you determine what to wear, he says. For example, if you’re going to a winter wedding, you can wear wool, cashmere, and velvet clothing along with heavier shoes and coats. If you receive a wedding invitation at the height of summer, you will have the ability to choose outfits made from the sheer, airy, soft, and comfortable fabrics available. When shopping, get inspired by what’s available in the store.

Shop our thorough style guides by wedding season for additional clothing ideas:

  • What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: To remain cool during the warmer summer months, use materials like chiffon, cotton, linen, and rayon. Consider wearing a midi dress or light sundress with strappy heels or sandals, or a polo shirt with a button-down collar tucked into chinos or dress pants, all of which look great with loafers.
  • The best time of year to wear vibrant jewel tones that mirror the changing seasons is at a fall wedding. An elegant jumpsuit, maxi dress, knee-length cocktail dress, or a black suit with a dapper dress shirt beneath will do.
  • What to Wear to a Winter Wedding: Winter weddings are typically more formal affairs, especially when they take place on holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve.  To remain warm while wearing a sleeveless dress, think about donning a fake fur shawl or wrap. Additional, depending on the wedding’s theme, sequins and sparkling fabrics are always a good choice, especially for a glam soirée.
  • What to Wear to a Spring Wedding: Pastel hues and flower designs are lovely selections for attire to wear to a wedding when the season shifts into spring. To complement the flowers all around you, put on a knee-length floral dress, or add some color to your suit with a flowery-print tie or a vibrant pocket square.

3. Use the Venue as a Guide

how to dress for a wedding

How to dress for a wedding will depend on where the ceremony will take place. For example, your outfit for a country wedding will be different from your outfit for an evening event at a posh ballroom. It’s also important to arrange your attire for any religious ceremonies that will take place at the wedding. Durham warns, “Be careful if you’re attending a wedding at a religious institution. Take off any headwear and make sure your shoulders are protected.

The organizer may also specify the appropriate type of footwear for you to wear. If you’re going to be outdoors, opt for a pair of big heels for walking and a lace-up top if it’s going to be hot. You run the risk of sinking into the ground if you wear high heels or heels with cat heels. If inside, a pump heel is always a good choice when you are worried about how to dress for a wedding.

Before your wedding, do some research on locations so you know what to expect. You can find out what to wear to a wedding in the venue’s properties by looking at pictures on the venue’s website or on the venue’s social media sites.

4. Avoid Wearing White

how to dress for a wedding

This is the unbreakable rule of how to dress for a wedding. Avoid wearing all-white outfits unless specifically instructed on the wedding invitation or the couple’s wedding website. Though that was probably obvious to most attendees. In other cases, the couple may ask visitors to dress in white to follow a certain theme. However, make sure this is a suggested guest outfit by reviewing the instructions on the invitation twice before choosing your outfit.

You may be curious about wearing a white designer dress to a wedding or whether men are allowed to wear white. Underneath a tuxedo or vest jacket, a white shirt dress is very acceptable. Similarly, as long as white isn’t the main color, you can wear a dress or jumpsuit with a bit of color. Use your best judgment when deciding what to wear to the wedding and choose clothes that are not primarily white. In addition, you should refrain from wearing overly casual clothing such as t-shirts, flip-flops, jeans or shoes. By following these guidelines, you can avoid making any style mistakes on the big day.

5. Accessorize Your Outfit

A beautiful outfit for a wedding guest is more than just clothes. Accessories, in addition to helping you put on a beautiful dress or suit, have the ability to completely transform your look. Finding the perfect pair of earrings or necklace to match your neckline really ties the whole look together, even if your dress is gorgeous.

Men’s clothing for men’s weddings is the same. Any outfit or suit will look better with accents like a vibrant square bag, a patterned tie or a stylish belt. Besides, an antique like a vintage wristwatch will always be a great conversation starter. Or a ring with marks on the little finger, though not subtle, will increase the style factor of the wearer.

Here’s a great tip on how to dress for a wedding. Intentional accessories can make an outfit you already have in your wardrobe look better if you’re trying to decide what to wear to a wedding on a tight budget.

6. Alter Pieces You Already Own

How to dress for a wedding can be heavily influenced by changes. It may not be enough money to buy new clothes for every function if you have a busy wedding season. Therefore, experts recommend changing the things you currently own to change their appearance in addition to strategically equipping accessories.

Making sure your clothes fit properly is key to getting your best look and feel. If it doesn’t fit, it can lower your confidence. Never try to pull your clothes up or down while wearing it. By changing the shape of your skirt or increasing or decreasing the hem, you can give your existing wardrobe a new life.


The above are useful tips on how to dress for a wedding that you should apply when going to a wedding as well as they are useful in formal parties. Good luck with these tips and be a gracious and sophisticated guest.

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